Efficiently producing the correct product data

On a regional, national or international level – a successful cooperation between retail and industry nowadays requires an effective communication of digital product information. For many companies this can still be a great challenge: How can they procure the necessary data both cost efficiently and with an assured quality? How can it be made accessible to the customer throughout the entire distribution chain? What information is mandatory for online shops - for example according to the new European Food information regulation (FIR)? How can the advantages of a globally standardised data communication be used through the atrify data pool?

Professional content management: be on the safe side with Smart Data One

Get support – the experienced specialists of Smart Data One will keep your product data up-to-date according to the current legal provisions. They know the specific product range requirements for a master data pool and make sure your company stays competitive in the digital age.

  • First, you provide us with, your conventional product ID or the product’s package. 
  • We can then tell you which information will be needed for data communication according to the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) requirements.

  • We compile the necessary master data and link them to the standardised data fields, providing a data flow for an efficient communication.
  • We publish the information in the atrify data pool according to your requirements. You will be able to provide your product information in guaranteed quality to all your business partners.

What is GDSN?

The Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) is an international compilation of basic data pools. Nearly 25.000 industry and trade companies are connected to these certified data pools worldwide to exchange product data with a certified quality. 

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