Flawless product data for efficient business processes

Reliable, up-to-date product data is essential for your business success. Formal mistakes, content gaps or product information deviating from the actual product can lead to misunderstandings between business partners, financial loss in the sales sector and even serious legal consequences. But not every company has the know-how and capacities to ensure a consistent data quality. Many suppliers struggle to feed their trade partners continuously with the latest information – for example, if product specifications change due to re-launches, if product recipes or their own suppliers change.

Data check and quality report

With the Smart Data One data check, you can guarantee data quality, prevent financial loss and maintain your position in the market as a reliable and responsible business partner.

  • We make sure that there are no conflicts between digital data in the atrify data pool and information on the product label. We measure, weigh and count the units on every level of your shipment and packaging system.
  • We indicate deviations and give you valuable tips on which data you may additionally publish in the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN).
  • We examine whether the data covers the legal requirements (such as nutrition and allergy information on food product labels).
  • We compile regular data quality reports for you, so you can improve your product data management.

What is GDSN?

The Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) is an international compilation of basic data pools. Nearly 25.000 industry and trade companies are connected to these certified data pools worldwide to exchange product data with a certified quality.

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