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Product data service on the highest level

The demand for detailed high quality product data is increasing dramatically. Consumers expect accessibility to extensive product information on all channels and the legislator requires greater transparency. As a service provider for product data management, Smart Data One supports trade and industry through a fast complete and quality assured delivery of the required product data. Our services range from collecting, completing and verifying data, creating product images and completely outsourcing your product data management.

Professionals you can rely on: the Smart Data One experts have a proven track record of over 40 years of combined experience on compiling master data and are supported by a strong network. Smart Data One is a 100 percent subsidiary of GS1 Germany.

GS1 Germany

is part of the global GS1 network and promotes the practical application of modern communication and processing standards. Companies can considerably improve business processes based on the globally valid GS1 standards.

GS1 Germany is also in charge of the standardised international GS1 article identification system GTIN, which is the basis for barcodes. Furthermore, GS1 Germany supports the application of new technologies for automatic object identification as well as a standardised electronic communication (EDI) and develops solutions for improving customer focus, e.g. for the mobile commerce sector.

GS1 Germany is the second largest national GS1 organisation after GS1 USA. Parity shareholders are the EHI Retail Institute and the German brands federation “Markenverband”.

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The company is managed by Thomas Fell, who is also the managing director of GS1 Germany. Smart Data One customers benefit from the worldwide uniform GS1 Standards as the basis for efficient global data communication. Smart Data One is fully integrated into the technical systems of atrify. Through specific data pools, certified for the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN), Smart Data One provides all the connected retailers with access to standardised quality approved manufacturer data.

In 2014 Smart Data One took care of master data management for more than 500 manufacturers and retailers. The data for around 30.000 products were compiled according to the new requirements of the European Food information regulation (FIR).